For the Seeker of Radhasoami Faith
(A Management Way of Thinking)
by Er. Soami Prasad Mathur
Present Scenario

Jivas are fed up from the atrocities of Kal Purush, Maya and her Allies – the mind, three gunas (sat, raj and tam) and five Doots-Vikars, (kam, krodh, lobh, moh and ahankar). They have a desire to come out of their clutches and save themselves from the cycle of birth and rebirth (chaurasi lakh yoni)Jivas meet the Sant Satguru of the time who makes them understand the Ultimate Reality and how to attain it. Since they are just at the threshold, they are liable to get tempted by the worldly pleasures created by Maya which are always a threat to them.

An attempt is being made here to understand the situation of Jiva by his own self-analysis through a modern management technique known as SWOT Analysis.

This has a reference to the teachings of Dadaji Maharaj, Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur, as contained in his book Radhasoami Faith: A Historical Study.

The Analysis

Dadaji Maharaj is the incarnation of Radhasoami Dayal, the Supreme Father and the present Sant Satguru of the Radhasoami Faith.

Interpretation of Dadaji’s teachings to a true seeker, a devotee and a follower of Radhasoami Faith is being made in order that he may make a SWOT Analysis for himself and act accordingly to achieve his goal i.e. Radhasoami Pad.

In the word SWOTS stands for Strength, W for Weakness, O for Opportunity and T stands for Threat.

I shall describe each of the letters of the word SWOT, with its interpretation.


For a devotee, Radhasoami Dayal, the Supreme Father and His representative the Sant Satguru in whom He has manifested himself, are his strength to combat the evil forces in this world.

Radhasoami Dayal is the Supreme Being who has created the entire Universe. He is an unlimited source of Energy, Ocean of Spirit, Love, Bliss, Light, Wisdom and Mercy. He keeps a control on the entire creation from his own region – the first grand division of the creation.

Sant Satguru is the incarnation of the Supreme Being. He comes to this world to grant salvation to the Jivas who are undergoing agony and sufferings of life in this world and are under the clutches of kal and mayaSant Satguru is the one who brings light in the darkness. He establishes His Satsang and the deserving (layakjivas come to his fold and seek his guidance. He delivers the jivas from the bondage and cycle of birth and rebirth. He is a true philosopher, guide and friend of the jivas.

A devotee should have full faith and confidence in the Sant Satguru. He is the father and mother to him. The devotee should behave as His obedient child. He should face the odds of life boldly and fearlessly and act in accordance with His Mauj that he issues. He grants his strength to the devotee in the realization of his objective.


The Jiva is entangled by Kal and Maya in KarmaMaya has provided objects of worldly pleasures (bhog) at the instance of Kal. The Jiva gets attracted towards these pleasures and thus, has inherited weakness towards them.

Maya has a tendency downward and outward. Maya also acts as a covering to the bodies of Jivas in the Spiritual-Material and Material-Spiritual Grand Divisions of the Universe. These coverings have a gradation coarser, thicker and thinner depending upon load of karmas on the individual.

The three types of karmas – kriyaman, prarabdh, and sanchit; the three gunas – sat, raj, tam; five Doots – (Vikarskam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar; and the ten indriyas present in the person, influence the jiva to remain absorbed in worldly pleasures.

Thus, the Jiva is not able to come out of the rut and the spirit entity remains unaware of the Truth and does not find a way which can lead them to the goal of Salvation (Nivratti), which is Radhasoami Pad.


Seeing such a precarious situation and helplessness of Jivas, Radhasoami Dayal who is Ever Graceful and Merciful came in human form and manifested Himself as Sant Satguru and gave the message of salvation and realisation of Truth of Truths.

This is a great opportunity for Jivas who are suffering from the miseries of life, to take shelter at the lotus feet of the Sant Satguru of the time, Dadaji Maharaj, and follow His dictums.

In order to achieve salvation i.e. deliverance of soul (surat) from the bondage of body, senses, and mind and its gradual ascent and entrance to the Dayal Desh, the highest or the First Grand Division, the present Sant Satguru directs the Jivas to practise Surat Shabd Yoga under His guidance.

A devotee should attend the satsang of Sant Satguru, listen to the discourses and have His darshan which will give him eternal bliss. He should develop sincere love for the Supreme Being and the Sant Satguru. He should adopt the course of Prema Bhakti. Then only he would be able to perform the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga.

Surat Shabd Yoga meansSumiran of the Holy name Radhasoami,Dhyan of the Sant Satguru of the time,Listening to sounds emanating from various regions and ultimately attaining the highest goal of Radhasoami Pad.Usually a devotee may have to take three to four births to attain the goal. He should depend on the Mauj of Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Satguru who may reduce the period. A devotee should keep minimum attachment with the world and its objects and he can follow the teachings of Radhasoami Faith without leaving his family or his vocation and yet achieve salvation.


The Jivas who have come under the shelter of the Sant Satguru of the time and Radhasoami Dayal may receive threat from kal, maya and their allies – the man (mind), three gunas and five doots (vikars) etc.

Kal, the universal mind is the master of Spiritual-Material Division (Second Division) of the creation. He derives energy from the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal. He was instrumental in the creation of the lower divisions i.e. BrahmandAnd Desh and Pind Desh. He acted not only as creator of these regions but also the destroyer. In contrast to this, Dayal creates through his spiritual agency and never destroys the creation.

The present Sant Satguru gives warning to Jivas who are seeking guidance from him to refrain themselves from worldly pleasures and keep minimum attachment to worldly bondages.

Deriving strength from Sant Satguru of the time and Radhasoami Dayal, a devotee should meet the challenges and threats from Kal Purush and Maya and obey in toto His pristine teachings and seek His guidance to achieve his goal.

“By the Sewa and the Satsang of the Guru, the Spirit entity would slowly and slowly shake off the coverages and would be able to catch the sound currents and one day reach the Ultimate Abode. The whole process may take a period of four lives which may be shortened in the case of more ardent devotees.”

“The flowers of love and devotion bloomed and the fragrance of Satsang began to spread for the world’s salvation. The Jivas would have been stuck in this suffering world if the Almighty, Hazur Maharaj, had not bestowed the current of Love, Daya and Mehar upon them.”