Publication of “Prem Baani Radhasoami” – Four Volumes

May 1, 1893Volume I
1895Volume II
1896Volume III
1900Volume IV
The original manuscripts of Prem Baani in Hindi verse in four parts are preserved at Hazuri Bhawan. A copy of the original manuscript is available at Soami Bagh Satsang also. The total number of hymns known as Shabds are 1164. Prem Baani is a very useful source of information regarding the tenets and essentials of the faith.
Publication of “Prem Patra Radhasoami” – Six Volumes
1894Volume I (Published Bachan from May 1, 1893 – Apr 30, 1894)
1895Volume II (Published Bachan from May 1, 1894 – Apr 30, 1895)
1896Volume III (Published Bachan from May 1, 1895 – Apr 30, 1896)
1897Volume IV (Published Bachan from May 1, 1896 – Apr 30, 1897)
1898Volume V (Published Bachan from May 1, 1897 – Apr 30, 1898)
1899Volume VI (Published Bachan from May 1, 1898 – Dec 1899)

Prem Patra was originally a fortnightly journal “Prem Patrika”, published from Hazuri Bhawan, Peepal Mandi, Agra. It was lithographed and circulated among the followers. The manuscripts of this journal are preserved at the residence of Hazur Maharaj (Hazuri Bhawan). This journal contained the discourses and hymns of the second guru. Later, the journal was discontinued and the discourses contained in it were published in six volumes. Prem Patra forms the basic source of information regarding the Radhasoami faith.

1889 Publication of “Sar Upadesh”
1891Publication of “Prem Upadesh”
The book is written in Hindi prose and is one of the earliest writings of second guru.
1892Publication of “Nij Upadesh”
It is a small treatise on the Radhasoami Faith (also translated into Bengali).
1892Publication of “Guru Upadesh”
The book vividly describes the essentials of the faith.
1892Publication of “Prashnottar Sant-Mat”
The book contains the answers given by Hazur Maharaj to the questions and doubts raised by genuine seekers after Truth.
1895Publication of “Radhasoami Mat Upadesh”
A small book dealing with the practices of the Satsang.
1895Publication of “Radhasoami Mat Sandesh”
It is an exposition of the Radhasoami Faith (also translated into Bengali).
1896Publication of “Bachan Mahatmao Ke”
This contains the sayings of some of the medieval saints, collected edited and published by Hazur Maharaj.
1897Publication of “Jugat Prakash”
Hazur Maharaj has dealt at length with the difficulties and impediments which a devotee might experience during the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yoga.
1897Publication of “Radhasoami Mat Prakash”
The book is written in English language. It contains a vivid exposition of the faith and is very useful both for the devotee and the critic.
1897Publication of “Sant Sangrah”
The book in two volumes, contains Banis of medieval saints and of Soamiji Maharaj and Hazur Maharaj.