PPPD Soamiji Maharaj   (1818-1878)
The founder guru of Radhasoami Faith.
He was born on 25 August, 1818 in Panni Gali, Agra. He laid the foundation of the Radhasoami Satsang on Basant-Panchami day in January 1861.
PPPD Hazur Maharaj   (1829-1898)
[As Sant Sat Guru 1878-1898]
Served Soamiji Maharaj from (1858-1878) in a manner unparalleled in the annals of bhakti. Later when Soamiji departed for his heavenly abode, He succeeded Him as Guru.
PPPD Lalaji Maharaj   (1866-1926)
[As Sant Sat Guru 1898-1926]
He was born in Hazuri Bhawan. Son of Hazur Maharaj, succeeded him as Sant Sat Guru.
PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj   (1885-1959)
[As Sant Sat Guru 1926-1959]
The eldest son of Lalaji Maharaj was born on 20 September, 1885 in Hazuri Bhawan. He succeeded Lalaji Maharaj and for thirty three years he spread divine light of love.
PP Dadaji Maharaj   (27 July, 1930)
[As Sant Sat Guru since 1959]
The grand son of Kunwarji Maharaj was born on 27 July 1930 in Hazuri Bhawan, who succeeded Kunwarji Maharaj in 1959. Currently heading Radhasoami Satsang.