HAZUR MAHARAJ – Related Events

Mar 14, 1829Birth of PPPD Hazur Maharaj at 04:30 hours
1847Joined the Postal Department as second clerk
Nov 21, 1858His first meeting with PPPD Soamiji Maharaj on Sunday at 09:15 hours
1858 – 1878Hazur Maharaj as Gurumukh (true disciple of Soamiji Maharaj)
1861Request PPPD Soamiji Maharaj to establish the Satsang
1866Divine Manifestation of PPPD Soamiji Maharaj as Radhasoami Dayal and revelation of Radhasoami Naam as Sat Naam (True Name of the Supreme Being)
Aug 31, 1871The title of “Rai Bahadur” conferred on PPPD Hazur Maharaj by British Government
1876PPPD purchased Soami Bagh and presented it at the Holy Feet of PPPD Soamiji Maharaj
1878 – 1898PPPD Hazur Maharaj as Sant Sat Guru
Apr 28, 1881To be the First Indian as Post Master General of North-West Province, India.
1884Construction of Hazuri Bhawan
Feb 26, 1885Holy Departure of respected Mataji (Hazur Maharaj’s wife)
Feb 11, 1887Resignation from government office for His time to Satsang
Dec 6, 1898Holy Departure of PPPD Hazur Maharaj at 18:40 hours
1899Construction of Samadh of PPPD Hazur Maharaj at Hazuri Bhawan, Peepal Mandi, Agra
1929Construction of Chatri at the Samadh of PPPD Hazur Maharaj