On the basis of discourses of PPPD Hazur Maharaj dictated in Prem Patra

A true satsangi should in all faith and sincerity introspect himself as to how successfully he has adopted the following ethical norms of moral conduct…

  1. Believe that Radhasoami Faith is true religion and Radhasoami Dayal is the True Supreme Being – full of grace and mercy.
  2. Believe that the Sant Satguru of the time is the Supreme Being incarnate. With all love and humility, the devotee should serve him with body, mind and soul. His Satsang should be attended with full faith and rapt attention regularly.
  3. The true name revealed by Sant Satguru is Radhasoami. Comprehend that Radhasoami is Dhunyatmak nam or the supreme resonance of the highest division of creation; all others who have manifested themselves at lower spheres are subordinate to it. Radhasoami as such is the all-pervading spiritual resonance that harmonizes the sounds of different lower regions; hence Radhasoami is Sat-Shabd or true holy name.
  4. A Satsangi should learn the technique of Surat-Shabd-Yog from the Sant Satguru of the time, and, should practice it in a secluded place regularly and with all reliance in the Grace and Mercy of Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Satguru. Whatever is observed and heard by the Satsangi should be kept secret and that should not be divulged to others under any circumstances. Surat-Shabd-Yog is the only simple and easy method that leads to salvation.
  5. A true Satsangi should surrender himself entirely to the Mauj (Supreme Will) of the Sant Satguru. Whatever comes to pass in his life, he should not complain; rather he should take it to be for his own good. He should read daily the text from the holy books of Hazur Radhasoami Dayal and comprehend the meaning and content.
  6. Whenever you are attending Satsang of the Sant Satguru and his discourses, keep an intent look at His eyes, as it facilitates both the understanding and uplifting of the Surat (spirit) entity into higher regions.
  7. A Satsangi should gather useful and necessary information about present and previous Sant Satgurus whom the devotees pay high regard and obeisance. Thus, he should remember and attach his attention in the holy feet of the Sant Satguru several times a day, and, also increase such practice gradually.
  8. A Satsangi should always sing in praise of the Mercy of Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Satguru for love bestowed and belief sustained. He should humbly thank Radhasoami Dayal daily for his Grace, Mercy, Benevolence and the help that the Sant Satguru provides in his daily functioning.
  9. An animal diet and intoxicants should be totally avoided. The use of rich food and overeating should also be avoided. The period of sleep should gradually be reduced to six hours a day.
  10. Attachment to worldly people and material objects should be reduced to a minimum. One should avoid such company of people as may induce to act or indulge in activities that are detrimental towards spiritual progress and also towards our daily good moral conduct. Worldly thoughts should not be allowed to overpower the mind. The mind and senses should be kept under control. Public and private duties should be performed with mental equanimity.
  11. Feelings of pride and vanity in matters of caste, wealth, position and personal qualifications should not be allowed to grow. Love and humility are true virtues and real ornaments, which should be adopted.
  12. Benevolence and charity should be adhered to and a Satsangi should invariably spend one-tenth of his monthly income in parmarthi activities.
  13. Jealousy, antagonism and anger should not be entertained. Time should not be wasted in useless pursuits and gossip. A habit of forgiveness and tolerance should be inculcated. Attention in no case should be diverted to activities, customs and functions detrimental to true spiritual pursuits. Fear of worldly loss and gain should not distract the mind from fulfilling the requirements of the faith. Therefore, nothing should be done with the motive of gaining name and fame in the world.
  14. Feeling of love, affection and brotherhood for fellow satsangis should be cultivated. A true desire to fulfill the ideals of bhakti (devotion) should be nurtured. One should deal with others in the same manner, as one would wish others to behave with him. If, one is not in a position to do good to others, he should under no circumstances cause harm to them.
  15. Truth should be the guideline in the performance of all activities, spiritual or temporal, for a Satsangi. Nothing that falls short of truth should be acceptable to him. A Satsangi is not supposed to criticize any individual or denomination, but a seeker of truth should always be entertained and should be told all about truth and the sublime Radhasoami Faith.
  16. A Satsangi should also pay general regard to all high-class devotees. This will be helpful in the development of a positive attitude and generous behaviour. A Satsangi should always introspect and make determined effort to improve his own conduct. A Satsangi should never bother about what others are doing, and as a matter of fact, he is supposed to completely keep himself off from all mean, mundane and worldly matters and the individuals indulging therein.
  17. A Satsangi should understand by all means the supremacy of the noble path of the Radhasoami Faith for the attainment of real salvation. The truth would reign supreme after shunning the orthodox and illogical rituals pursued in the material world.
  18. A Satsangi should always ponder over his incapacity, helplessness and weaknesses that are exposed in daily life, and, repent and pray for the guidance in setting us right. Nevertheless, one should never lose patience, feel frustrated or go into depression. If it seems unbearable one should pray to Radhasoami Dayal and the Sant Satguru, and if necessary immediately report his state of mind to the Sant Satguru who in His grace would provide immediate solace and relief to him.
  19. Whenever one falters or some doubt arises, one should take immediate guidance of the Sant Satguru of the time. If He is not available, a Satsangi should seek help from any other high-class devotee, to see that one’s doubts and apprehensions are removed, faith is restored and love is generated in the Supreme Master – the Sant Satguru of the time.
  20. Whenever you see any improper behaviour of a fellow Satsangi, take him aside and suggest not to do anything that is un-Satsangi-like. If he agrees, it is good. If he does not agree, better to keep aloof; but in no case make a fuss about all that he did. You can report the matter to the Sant Satguru of the time and leave it to Him, as He deems fit. Similarly, one should neither indulge in slandering nor should one entertain slanderers.
  21. Tolerance and pardon are the attributes of a Satsangi. He should act meek, submissive and humble. He should speak humble words and have a capacity to bear the offensive language that others use against him as a person. Nevertheless, a Satsangi is never supposed to be coward. He should not tolerate derogatory remarks against his Sant Satguru and Radhasoami Faith in general. He should be fearless to call a spade a spade.
  22. One should never feel offended or show resentment with Sant Satguru. One should follow the dictates of the Sant Satguru and try not only to submit but also to comprehend the Grace, Mercy, and Benevolence beneath such words. Although they may seem tough, hard and attacking sometimes, it is because He is the true friend, guide and philosopher. The Sant Satguru understands the needs of a Satsangi and guides him to spiritual upliftment as well as material well being. One should remember that He is the sole spiritual protector and destiny maker.
  23. A Satsangi is not supposed to be led away by future predictors, astrologers, the tantriks, karamkandis, pundits or mullahs, because the present and future of Satsangi who takes shelter of Radhasoami Dayal is guided by the Supreme Will or Mauj. No one else can efface the Karams except the Sant Satguru of the time.
  24. A Satsangi is supposed to keep equanimity in sorrows and joy alike; and should never lose balance. The purpose of life for a Satsangi is to make all preparations to go to the higher abode. The attainment of happiness and joy in the present life is not the objective of this life. It is enjoined upon the Satsangi to lead a simple and uncontaminated life performing his duties towards his family and reserving his right to salvation. Anything that comes in way of salvation should be discarded. He should not engross himself in the worldly pleasures and should never be scared of any sorrows and sufferings that may fall on him.
  25. A Satsangi should always feel confident that the benign hand of the Grace of almighty Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Satguru is always on his head, and it is He who takes care of him and his concerns. A Satsangi should pray before Him and take proper instructions whenever it is necessary.
  26. A Satsangi should be careful in the discharging of his duties. He is supposed to make efforts but not be bothered about results. The results should be left to the Mauj of Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Satguru of the time, who in his Grace grants him extra-ordinary power of tolerance and indomitable courage to face the problems of the day. He will give him strength to discriminate between what is good and what is bad. A Satsangi should depend on his inner voice, which would always guide him to take correct decisions and actions. The Sant Satguru of the time looks after his spiritual interest first and then the material interest. The intuitive sense is always available to guide him. Thus, a Satsangi should be dauntless and courageous.
  27. Every Satsangi is supposed to be respectful towards his elders and benevolent to the younger ones. He is also not supposed to arrogant but be soft-spoken and have this kind behaviour and demeanour to all. A fellow feeling in etiquette among the Satsangis must be nurtured.
  28. Invariably a Satsangi should greet another Satsangi with ‘Radhasoami’. The male Satsangis should embrace other male Satsangis and the female Satsangis should also embrace other female Satsangis.
  29. A Satsangi should offer front seats in the Satsang to highly devoted and respected Satsangis. During a Satsang congregation, a Satsangi should not change his posture frequently, avoid belching or making any noise so as not to disturb other Satsangis. At the end of congregation, the Satsangis should follow in an orderly queue so that the discipline and decorum of Satsang is maintained.