PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj incarnated on September 20, 1885 as the eldest son of PPPD Lalaji Maharaj. It was a day of rejoicing at Hazuri Bhawan and PPPD Hazur Maharaj gave the name Guru Prasad. However, He was popularly known as Kunwarji Maharaj or Saheb.

His childhood activities were mostly confined to the room of PPPD Hazur Maharaj. He was brought up in His Holy lap and spent most of His childhood with Him. The signs of high degree of spirituality were visible in Him from early childhood. PPPD Hazur Maharaj had composed a number of Arti’s for Him including many on His request.

Special traits of His personality are humility, kind-heartedness, patience and respect for others. His face always had a special smiling appearance. He acquired proficiency in English language and literature in addition to Urdu and Arabic languages. Most of His time was spent in spiritual pursuits. He was an expert at horse riding and showed interest in outdoor games. He used to take great interest in the development activities for children. A Debating Society was established under His patronage in 1945 at Hazuri Bhawan.

He was married in 1898 and was blessed with two sons, one of them departed within a year of his birth. His age was just 13 years when PPPD Hazur Maharaj departed for Radhasoami Dham. His immense devotion towards PPPD Lalaji Maharaj is an example. He also discharged the social obligations of the family besides the duties of Satsang during PPPD Lalaji Maharaj’s time.

PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj took over reigns of Radhasoami Satsang in February, 1926. He used to speak less and most of the direction to the followers was through eye movement and other signals. His Grace on Satsangis was in hidden form. His routine as Sant Satguru was similar to that of PPPD Lalaji Maharaj to whom those days Satsang was devoted. He also used to visit Radhasoami Bagh on Sunday as was the practice till then.

Three special celebrations were done during the time of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj. Birth Centenary of PPPD Hazur Maharaj was celebrated during 1929. Continuous recitation of Shabda’s for 24 hours done. The 50th Bhandara of PPPD Hazur Maharaj was celebrated in 1948. A huge portrait of PPPD Hazur Maharaj was installed at the Holy Samadh. Continuous recitation of Shabda’s for 24 hours was the special feature. The 25th Bhandara of PPPD Lalaji Maharaj was celebrated in 1951. White dresses for Samadh were prepared on this occasion. The continuous recitation of Shabda’s for 24 hours was again the special feature.

PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj had extreme patience and was the ocean of peace. He used to forgive true repenters. His only son departed for Radhasoami Dham in 1957. He Himself departed for Nij Dham on February 27, 1959.


Sep 20, 1885Birth of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj
1926 – 1959PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj as Sant Sat Guru
Feb 27, 1959Holy Departure of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj
Apr 12, 1959First Bhandara of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj
1960Construction of Samadh of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj
At Hazuri Bhawan, Peepal Mandi, Agra
Sep 25, 1985Publication of Jeevan Jhanki of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj