Rai Ajudhya Prasad

PPPD Lalaji Maharaj incarnated in the form of a son to PPPD Hazur Maharaj at Hazuri Bhawan on December 28, 1866. His revered grand mother named Him Ajudhya Prasadh and Hazur Maharaj gave Him the spiritual name Prem Prakash. Later he was popularly known as Lalaji Maharaj. As a child He started attending the Satsang of PPPD Soamiji Maharaj along with His father PPPD Hazur Maharaj. While in His childhood, He started practicing Surat-Shabda-Yoga along with His father. He got wholly involved in spiritual matters since His childhood. PPPD Lalaji Maharaj assumed the role of Sant Satguru in 1898 after the departure of PPPD Hazur Maharaj for Radhasoami Dham. During His period innumerable persons were drawn towards Him and immensely benefited. In the morning of November 26, 1926 He bestowed the reins of Satsang to Kunwarji Maharaj and left for His Holy Abode Radhasoami Dham at 8:30 am. In Radhasoami Faith Lalaji Maharaj’s contribution is very important. He explained the basic tenets of Radhasoami Faith in simple manner. In the history of Satsang there is no parallel to His sacrifice and renouncement. He was born of Hazur and went into the lap of Hazur.