Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur

The Guru tradition continuing, Soamiji Maharaj – Hazur Maharaj were succeeded by Lalaji Maharaj and Lalaji Maharaj by Kunwarji Maharaj and Kunwarji Maharaj by Dadaji Maharaj (Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur), who is at present the Guru and the Head of Radhasoami Satsang.

Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur, is, by no means easy, for, his personality is so complex and so multi-dimensional, that he is an enigma, and the comprehension of his total personality eludes grasp. When it comes to judging him, it is found that some people take him for granted, some are his critics, some eulogize him, some flatter him, and millions worship him as a Deity. It appears to an onlooker that he is a worldly man. He is a born aristocrat with an elegant style of life. He is highly educated, cultured and well-mannered. His decisions and judgements are independent of all influences and he never compromises with truth. He befriends people and values friendships, and, has wide contacts with leaders of men and matters. He is himself a leader and a path finder. He is abreast of the latest knowledge and well-versed with the problems relating to education, society, politics, history, fine arts, culture, philosophy, religion, science and so on. He is a poet too, and, has composed poetry of high literary merit in Hindi and Urdu. He is a fine conversationalist and, an extempore orator and speaks on a variety of subjects with ease. He bewitches and captivates his audience who listens to him in rapt attention. He has distinguished himself not only as a scholar and Professor of History but also as its interpreter. He has made a mark as the most successful administrator in the capacity of the Vice-Chancellor of Agra University.

Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur, is the Head of Radhasoami Satsang, and, as such, is engaged all the time in professing, practising and preaching the basic tenets of his Faith. He explains them in a lucid and simple language. He has widened the scope of Faith and has given a new dimension to it. Retaining the fundamental principles of the Gurus, he has introduced changes in it as and when needed. He has infused more life and vigour and emphasised on the love and service of the Gurus, and, the mankind. There is a magnetic force in what he sermonises. It is, therefore, quite natural that he has attracted millions of people from India and abroad, from different walks of life, who have become his devotees.

At the age of twenty-nine, he took up the responsibilities of organising, strengthening and widening the scope of Radhasoami Satsang. His sole mission has been to enlighten people on the basic principles of the Faith, to kindle the spirit of love and sacrifice, service and devotion to the Guru and absolute surrender at his feet, for the ultimate good of the mankind.

Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur is in the line of this tradition and the spiritual or the mystic element has governed his entire life. It is this element that gives meaning and significance to his life, which he lives like a lotus, and offers, in my view, a complete picture of his personality.

The Felicitation Volume is being published in his honour at his sixty-fifth birthday on July 27, 1995, with the purpose of focussing light on his life, teachings, aspirations and ideals for the mankind, both at present and in the future.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to learned and eminent contributors who have been kind enough to send their valuable articles for the felicitation volume. I am beholden of Dr. B.B. Jain, Former Head of English Department, Agra College, Agra; Dr. R.P. Tewari, Former Principal, R.B.S. College, Agra; Dr. R.C. Sharma, Head of History Department, St. John’s College, Agra; Sri. P.C. Jaiswal, Journalist; Dr. Jai Singh ‘Neerad’, Reader K.M. Hindi Institute, Agra, Shri Brajendra Singh, Dr. B.D. Gupta and Shri Rajiv Upadhaya for their kind help in editing the felicitation volumes. I cannot also forget the very able guidance that Er. Soami Prasad and Dr. Saran Prasad have given in editing these volumes and hence they deserve my thanks and gratitude. I place on record my deep appreciation of all those who have worked hard in the preparation of these volumes. Words fail to express my extreme gratitude to Shri Sarvesh Agarwal and Shri P.C. Rastogi for their untiring zeal and ceaseless efforts in getting these volumes prepared. The untiring efforts put up by Ms. Namita, Shri Ashish Mathur and their associates cannot be forgotten who took pains to get the entire material computerised at Hazuri Bhawan itself. The support and cooperation of the coming up generation cannot be forgotten. All our hopes rest on them. This is what our editorial board feels about the contribution of the four jewels of Hazuri Bhawan – Dr. Achint Kumar, Dr. Atul Kumar, Er. Vivek Mathur and Er. Alok Mathur – whose contribution has been of immense value. My sincere thanks are due to Shri Rahul for his personal attention and seeing the volume through press.